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A&A assures their clients of accuracy of the desired solicited legal service thanks to exceptional expertise, experience and dedication of its lawyers.

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Founded in 1991 by S. Ayoub Abdollahi, A&A has provided legal services to Iranian clients in various areas of law. As years passed by, the law firm expanded its services by recruiting new consultants and associates. Today, thanks to accomplished, adept and professional team of lawyers, A&A offers high-quality legal services in vast areas of law both locally and internationally.

Rich Team of Lawyers

We possess professional lawyers expert in different areas of law.

Best Legal Advice

We assure our clients of high-quality legal services.

Our Practice Areas

We offer services in vast areas of law and by expert and experienced lawyers in the field.

International Arbitration

Arbitration has become so popular over the past decades that it is mostly preferred over national courts. Winning an arbitration case, however, requires special expertise to bring about a smooth proceedings toward a favorable award, even in the most straightforward cases.

International Trade Law

It has been for centuries that trade has become international and like it or not, every country is engaged in international commerce. Traders in different sectors are struggling to boost their business and expand their trade in more countries. To that end, every trader is in need of an expert lawyer to advise them on different aspects of international trade, such international sale of goods, shipping, insurance etc.

Information Technology

We are living in the age of media and telecommunication. The area is entangled with new technologies which raises specific legal issues. long-term contracts and complicated disputes calls for expert lawyers


Construction industry in Iran has always been attractive to investors, but full of various risks at the same time. Investing in the field without proper legal advice would seriously compromise your interests. In addition, due to macro-policy of developing urbanization, construction is one of the critical aspects of Iran's industry and trade.

Sport Law

Sport law is considered a new-emerging necessity in Iran as one of the leading countries in several sports, specially Olympic medal-winning ones. With the increase in disputes over the previous years before Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and international federations' judicial or semi-judicial bodies, sport lawyers are valuable assets for federations and clubs.

Corporate Law

Company registrations, shareholder agreement drafting, merger & acquisitions, joints ventures and all other corporate legal services are among the service we are offering our clients day in and day out.

Our Team


S. Ayoub Abdollahi


S. Meisam Abdollahi


S. Saber Abdollahi

Managing Partner

S. Ali Abdollahi

Our Clients

Tehran Cement Co.

Kaveh-Pars Mining Industries Development Company

I.R. Iran Archery Federation

Omran & Maskan Iran Co.

Rahpouyan Ertebatat Sabz Co.

Moallem Insurance Co.

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